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The photo was taken in Fertőrákos.

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Sopron (Hungary)


Sopron is a beautiful historical town, situated near the western borders of Hungary, at the foot of the Alps, 60 km from Vienna and 220 km from Budapest.

History: In 1918 (confirmed by the Treaty of Trianon 1920), the western part of the county became part of the new Austrian stateBurgenland. The eastern part stayed in Hugary. In 1921, it was decided by referendum that the city of Sopron would join Hungary instead of Austria.


Sopron is one of the oldest jewelboxes of Hungary. Sopron merges past and present in itself. It creates a bridge between Hungary and its western neighbours, opening a gate for foreign guests visiting Hungary, as it is symbolized by the coat of arms of the city.


The inhabitants of the city are famed for their hospitality and loyalty to their hometown. This is also symbolized by the 'Gate of Faith', which can be found on the southern side of the Firewatch Tower, the symbol of the city, and which was made in memory of the referendum of 1921.








The curative and refreshing air of the natural environment, the hiking routes of the wooded hillsides, the view towers, the mountain springs, and the proximity of Lake Fertő make Sopron one of the most beautiful and most pleasant holiday resorts of Hungary. The Löverek, the hilly area south of the city, is the most fascinating and most distinguished area of the city. It offers calm forests with spruces, oaks and chestnuts, lilies of the valley and cyclamens, hiking paths and lookout towers.
Another attraction of the historic town of Sopron is the excellent wines of the region, so the city is becoming increasingly popular among those who would like to satisfy their thirst with noble wines.