Monday, July 21, 2014

Siofok Water Tower

The Water Tower is the well-known symbol of Siófok, which stands in the center of the town (Adresse: 11. Fő tér.) The tower was full renewed in 2012, to the centenary of its built. This monument has several specialties, such as two panorama elevators bring the guests to the belvedere floor and there you can see the breathtaking Balaton-panorama.
üvegfal mögött
In the 45 m high building (was built1912 by the plans of Jenő Gergely and Árpád Gut) guests will experience 4 high quality amusement and relaxation space, the 360˚ open belvedere, Water Tower Café, Szentkirályi Oxygen Bar and Samsung Experience Center. The curiosity of the highest floor is that you can enjoy the beautiful round panorama sitting by a drink as the flour turns around with your table.
The Water Tower is OPEN to visit during the whole year!


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