Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tamási Thermal Spa

Hungary has a unique quality in Europe: thermal water;  this is why there are a lot of thermal and medical baths  in the country. Among the baths Tamási Thermal Spa  is the only spa in Hungary, and even Central-Eastern  Europe, which has the infrastructure for helping  handicapped and visually or hearing impaired people  to be able to experience the services of a bath by  themselves. Disabled, blind or visually impaired people  cannot go to conventional spas without help. Similarly,  elderly people also have difficulties in moving due to  their age and illnesses.

Tamási fürdő-1

The old  Spa in Tamási was established in 1972 and the Tamási Thermal SPA was established in August 2011. The new indoor Bath of more than 3000 m2 was  built on the plot adjacent to the former open-air baths. There are  different types of pools filled with thermal water such  as relaxation pools, adventure pools, swimming pools  or children’s pools. There are also different types of  saunas.
The new conception called Ability proposed  that disabled guests can have resort to every services in this Thermal Bath.

Tamási is a small town with 9,843 inhabitants at the intersection of national highways No. 61 and 65, 38 km from Lake Balaton. Its main tourist attraction  is the thermal bath of course.

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