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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miskolctapolca Thermal and Cave Bath


The Cave Bath is located in Miskolc-Tapolca, the vacation resort area of Miskolc, rich in touristic attractions, in North-Eastern Hungary's beautiful natural setting. The cave bath is unique in Europe, its therapeutic effects have been known since the 16th century.
The thermal water of the cave bath has 31 Celsius-degrees temperature, rich in Calcium, magnesium-hydrogen carbonate, it also has meta-boric acid and meta-silica content, iodine, bromide and radon content. The water is applied as therapy for motoric and respiratory complaints, stomach and intenstinal, cardiac and vascular conditions. The bath offers perfect regeneration and refreshment for healthy visitors as well.


Therapeutic services:
clay masking, weight bath, carbinuc acud bath, medical therapeutic massage, tangentor (underwater ray massage), underwater group physiotherapy, swimming groups under18 years of age.


Wellness services:
refreshment massage, aroma oil massage, special massage (chocolate, paprika, algae), pedicure, paraffin manicure, UWE Sunboard deep tanner.
Therapeutic effect, recommendation: physical exhaustion, conditions of vegetative nervous system and respiratory conditions, chronic inflammation, arthritis, allergic respiratory complaints, stomach and intestinal inflammations, asthmatic complaints.