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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kinizsi Castle at Nagyvázsony (Hungary)


Nagyvazsony is located north of Lake Balaton, along the road between Veszprem and Tapolca. The region has been populated since pre-historic times. During the Roman Era, military road. Local sights include a postal museum, abbey ruins, the Schumacher-House, the Medieval St. Stephans church, the Kinizsi-fountain in the woods, as well as the Kinizsi Castle.

Nagyvázsony, Kinizsi vár

King Matthias bestowed property in this region to Pal Kinizsi, who built a Fortress-Castle in Nagyvazsony. The castle has been altered and rebuilt a few times, until it was destroyed to ruins during the Turkish invasion. Today, the castle hosts Renaissance festivities. The old tower, includes a museum, which is open all through the year, every day during the summer season, except for Mondays during off-season.