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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mine Museum (Salgótarján, Hungary)


The museum – the first underground one in natural surroundings in Hungary – was opened in 1965 and since that time it has been a tourists’ attraction with most of the visitors. The former “József” drift mine (1937-1951) in the centre of the town shows old mining equipment in its original condition, which bears witness to the past of coal mining in Nógrád County. The once busy mine was declared an industrial monument in 1980.


In 1985 an historical exhibition was opened in the neighbouring building of the former mining colony and in 1986 the methods of transporting coal on the surface were also put on display around it.


The aim of Nógrád Museum of History is to provide visitors with information about the past of coal mining in Nógrád County, which dates back almost 160 years, together with memorable experiences.


There are many towns and villages with monuments and memorial sites in honour of the past of coal-mining, and the clusters of buildings, relics of coal-mining, memorial events and celebrations in former mining settlements still cherish the once glorious past.


A place which is most definitely worth a visit is the Museum and Exhibition Site of Coal Mining where you can even have a tour in a former pit. In the 280-m-long system of tunnels you can get a full picture of a real coal-mine, its machines and equipment, with the help of items of exhibition, including museum piece machines, images in period uniforms, and even the image of a pit-pony.






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