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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tapolca, Cave Lake (Tavasbarlang)

is a town in Veszprém county, Hungary, Located 12 km's from the Balaton in the basin named after the town itself..


The Cave, which is a unique spectacle in Central-Europe, can be found in the heart of Tapolca. It was discovered in 1902 during a well-digging and ten years later it opened for the visitors.


The liwer chambers and some parts of the upper corridors of the three level cave-taken shape by caristic water- is covered by 19 centigrade degree water. This is a 300 meter long reach which can be travelled around by boat. In the clear water the paths that lead ti the lower chambers also clearly can be seen.



The healing power of of the Cave's special climate have been known for a long time. The extremely clean air, the relatively constant temperature ( 14-16 degree) and the vapour content 100 % is a great help in treatment of the patients suffer from allergy, asthma or respiratory illnesess. In order to be able to do this another branch the Hospital-cave is used. This was discovered in1925.



The official website of the cave you can find here.