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Monday, August 27, 2012

Zánka (Lake Balaton, Hungary)


Zánka is a village in Hungary, located in a beautiful natural environment on the northern shore of Lake Balaton in Veszprém County. 


Here can be found one of the biggest European Youth Center. The Zánka Children and Youth Centre is situated on an area of 209 hectare in the picturesque surroundings of Lake Balaton. Nearby tourist tourist attractions include the Káli Basin and Valley of Arts, Tihany and Badacsony.


Zánka Children and Youth Centre has been operating as a non-profit company since the 1st of September 1996, and offers the following programmes:
  • holiday programmes for children and young people;
  • sport programmes and services;
  • education pgrogrammes in the form of school and training courses.

The Centre provides full service programmes and accommodation for 3000 people in summer, while in winter it provides recreation and accommodation for 600 people.
Zánka Centre is the market-leader in tourism business. Each year the Centre receives 40-45 thousand visitors, who collectively spend 170-190 thousand nights here.
The Zánka Centre includes its own long beach at the Lake, which can accomodate around 12-13 thousand holiday-makers for sunbathing, water-sports, sailing, boat-trips or simply lying on the beach.


The Centre's sports and cultural facilities include sport halls, stadiums, open-air sport areas, tennis courts, volley-ball court and a football area on the beach. Moreover there is a theatre hall, cinema, art gallery and conference hall, as well as other facilities for festivals, training courses and student training camps.