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Friday, July 20, 2012

Krasnahorka Castle After fire


Krasznahorka, located near Rozsnyó (Rožňava) in south-eastern Slovakia, just north of the Hungarian border, was one of the most intact medieval castles of Upper Hungary, built by the Bebek family and later owned for centuries by the Andrássy family.


Krasznahorka managed to escape war damage both during the Turkish wars and later, in WWII. It burned down only once before, in 1817. The castle has been operated as a family museum and mausoleum since about the mid-19th century. Exhibitions inside the castle included valuable paintings, furniture and weapons. One of the large bastions has been turned into a Baroque chapel - famously holding the mummy of Zsófia Serédy, the wife of István Andrássy.









On 10 March 2012, the castle was badly damaged by fire. According to the fire officers involved, the fire began as a result of careless burning of dry grass. On 11 March 2012, the police spokesman for the Košice region announced that "the grass caught fire after two boys (aged 11 and 12) attempted to light up a cigarette. The grass fire spread and reached the castle.
The castle building suffered extensive damage. The roof, the exhibition area in the Gothic palace and the bell tower were completely destroyed. Three bells in the bell tower were melted by the heat. Initially, it was thought that many of the building's historic artefacts had been destroyed.[However, according to the Interior Minister of Slovakia Daniel Lipšic, "...the vast majority of exhibits remained undamaged". Daniel Krajcer, Minister of Culture, commented that only the upper part of the castle (including collections) had been destroyed. The Slovak National Museum has stated that 90% of the collections were undamaged.


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