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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pasque flower









These early spring photos were taken on the Strázsa-hegy at the western end of the Pilis hills, next to the garden-suburb of Esztergom, at the foot of Kis-Strázsa hill where you can find the western gate of the Danube-Ipoly National Park, the Esztergom Visitor Centre, which is an ideal starting point to get to know the National Park. The most important information about the wildlife of the Pilis hills is presented by a small exhibition. The neighbourhood of the visitor centre has preserved its natural values completely due to the fact that it served as a military shooting ground for more than 100 years. The visitors can enjoy these values if they walk along the 1,2 km long, circular study trail starting from the visitor centre. On your way you can see bank swallow nests hollowed out in the loess walls, protected plants alternating in the different seasons such as the pheasant's eye, the pulsatilla, the meadow anemone, or the dwarf iris, and from the look-out tower on the top of Kis-Strázsa hill you can enjoy a unique panorama.