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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elizabeth lookout on Janos Hill, Budapest (Hungary)

János hegy-3

On the top of János Hill, at the highest point of Budapest, stands the Elizabeth Lookout (Erzsébet-kilátó, built in 1908-1910).

The lookout offers a splendid view in all directions and in clear weather it is possible to see as far as the mountain peaks at 77 kilometres.
Erzsébet kilátóból
The neo-Romanesque tower is 23.5 metres-high with a circular base and a terraced layout. A 101-step spiral staircase leads to the top. Frigyes Schulek designed the tower, which was built partly from public donations. The terrace around the tower was built in 1931.
The stone lookout tower we see today replaced an earlier wooden structure. János Hill had already become a popular recreational spot among the inhabitants of the capital by the 19th century. In 1882 Queen Elizabeth (also known as Sisi), wife of the Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Franz Joseph, made an excursion to the top of János Hill. The lookout was named after Queen Elizabeth.
There are several ways to get to the lookout. If you are planning a longer walk, you may approach it using the Cogwheel Railway (Fogaskerekű vasút) or, if you are only looking for a short walk, it is worth travelling there by the Children's Railway (Gyermekvasút) or the Chairlift (Libegő).