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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yellow-star houses, Budapest

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On the 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Holocaust, OSA Archivum remembers a tragic and shameful chapter of Budapest's past by exploring the history of the “yellow-star” houses. English-language Yellow-Star Houses website is now live. Since the launch in late January of the Hungarian sister website, OSA have received around 100 stories and documents from individuals who lived in the houses, or their descendents.

By midnight on June 21, 1944, all 220,000 Hungarian citizens in Budapest who were legally defined as Jewish, and who had to wear the yellow star on their clothing, were obliged to move into one of almost 2,000 designated "yellow-star" houses throughout the city. This network of yellow-star houses was intended as a preparatory stage for deportation. It was established by Budapest mayoral decree, and was unique in the history of the Holocaust in Europe.

The interactive map shows the location of the former yellow-star houses, and what the remaining 1,600 houses look like today. The map is supplemented with numerous documents, including the relevant decrees, a list of houses, a chronology, and a glossary. Using the navigation tools, visitors to the site can view the former yellow-star houses at street, district, and even city level.

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On June 21, 2014, OSA together with volunteer organizers organized a memorial event in front of the roughly 1,600 buildings, former “yellow-star houses,” that still exist.

The website is part of a year-long series of public programs focusing on Budapest 1944, which will culminate in December 2014 with an exhibition at OSA on the Budapest ghetto.

In 6th district the Próféta Street 9, (today Hegedű street 9.) where I was born and where I used to lived with my parents and my grandparents, was a yellow star house too. In this house we (my father,  mother and sister) organized and took part in the memorial event.

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Opera singer András Hábetler performed the Hungarian folk song “Szól a kakas már.”
Judit Havas  read Tamás Schüttler’s novella “Wooden Boards in the Middle of the Street.”
Tamás Schüttler (my father) read aloud the names of families who lived in the house on June 21, 1944.

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Conversation with survivors’ children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, on the memories of the yellow-star houses.

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Exhibition of historical documents (photos, protection letters, 1944 death certificates).

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